BZ #23: AttachCurrentThread not implemented - causes Eclipse startup failure

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creation_ts:2006-04-29 12:41
version:default branch
Eclipse fails to start for me with Cacao trunk with the following error:

LOG: [(nil)] JNI-Call: AttachCurrentThread: IMPLEMENT ME!
cacao: ../../../../src/threads/native/threads.c:976: allocLockRecordSimple:
Assertion `t' failed.

I can workaround this in Eclipse (normally runs for me with Cacao) but wanted to
log the bug as placeholder to note that AttachCurrentThread is not implemented
in src/native/jni.c and in case others saw the same thing.

Comment #1 by on 2006-05-08 11:31:27

In what situation it fails to start?

Comment #2 by on 2006-05-16 21:08:33

Works for me with Cacao SVN HEAD and Classpath HEAD 16/05/2006 (where I could
reliably reproduce before).

Will look for differences unless you want to close as working?

Comment #3 by on 2006-05-17 22:36:36

I don't think you have to, unless you want to.

Comment #4 by on 2006-05-21 03:05:49

AttachCurrentThread is only used for the mozilla-based initial splash screen
(unless you use the mozilla embedding somewhere else). This could easily explain
why you couldn't reproduce it.