BZ #33: deadlock on JVM startup

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creation_ts:2006-11-08 17:31
For unknown reasons, my image viewer application instantly deadlocks on
cacao-0.97+classpath cvs when I specify a directory name on the command line.
The deadlock seems to occur always when the directory in question is on
a Windows FAT32 partition; it seems to occur randomly when the directory
is on a Linux native (ext3) partition. Other JVMs (namely the JDKs but
also jamvm+classpath) work fine on my system.

The Swing user-interface starts up fine when no initial directory argument
is specified, but selecting and searching a directory via the menu still
seems to deadlock randomly.

Demonstration (binaries, sources):

cacao -Xmx300m -jar niffler.Niffler /windows/c/temp/images   deadlocks always
cacao -Xmx300m -jar niffler.Niffler /tmp/tests/images       deadlocks sometimes
cacao -Xmx300m -jar niffler.Niffler                        seems to work

Also, cacao seems to reliably deadlock when accessing a FAT-mounted file
whose filename has non-ASCII characters.

Comment #1 by on 2008-03-30 23:11:55

Do these deadlocks still happen?

Comment #2 by on 2008-04-19 18:08:17

I'm closing this bug as the reporter says:

> Do these deadlocks still happen?

I frankly don't know. I have not played with either cacao
nor classpath for almost a year now...

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