BZ #4: Logging messages with level SEVERE do not get logged by default

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creation_ts:2005-07-19 15:46
When the attached test case is run, no output is produced. This is cacao cvs
from today with external classpath 0.17. Other VMs output to the console when a
SEVERE log message is logged. According to comments in classpath's file, the threshold should default to INFO (although I don't
know where else this is documented).

My guess is that this is because the file cannot be found (if
you run with -v you see a FileNotFoundException).

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test case

Comment #2 by on 2005-07-19 19:12:36

I was right. The file is not being found. One way to solve
this is to copy from
classpath-0.17/resource/java/util/logging/ to the directory
specified by the system property gnu.classpath.home.url.

Comment #3 by on 2005-07-20 13:24:06

The file is not installed but packaged into rt.jar
( This seems to be a classpath bug. Fix for CACAO commited, patch
sent to classpath-paches.

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date:2005-07-19 15:46
desc:test case