BZ #98: make install fails with --disable-zlib [was: crosscompiling cacao for mips]

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creation_ts:2008-08-18 09:29
component:build system
version:default branch
I saw your posting on one of the forums about the subject above. I am
trying to cross-compile cacao on mipsEL. Could you please guide a bit. I
have already crosscompiled gnuclasspath but cacao is failing with
following message:

Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
test -z "/home/mahmood/cacao-mipsel/share/cacao" || mkdir -p --
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 '../../../src/cacao-0.99/src/classes/nozip'
/usr/bin/install: cannot stat
`../../../src/cacao-0.99/src/classes/nozip': No such file or directory
make[3]: *** [install-pkgdataDATA] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/mahmood/build/cacao-mipsel/src/classes'
make[2]: *** [install-am] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/mahmood/build/cacao-mipsel/src/classes'
make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mahmood/build/cacao-mipsel/src'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

Many thanks for your help.

Mahmood Javed,
The University of Sheffield,
Sheffield, UK.

Comment #1 by on 2008-08-18 11:04:17

Fixed in:

I think I never ran make install with --disable-zlib.  We are currently rebuilding the
classes twice during the install, but it does not matter.