CACAO 0.99.1 released

This is a bug-fix release. Here is a short list of the most important changes:

  • Fixed compilation of OpenJDK code (libltdl related).
  • Imported new gnu/java/lang/ to fix OOMEs.
  • Fixed abort with OpenJDK's java binary when exiting.

CACAO uses GNU Classpath as default Java runtime library and supports upstream releases or CVS snapshots. This release requires GNU Classpath 0.96 or higher to build and was tested against GNU Classpath 0.97.2 on a number of various platforms.

CACAO's ./configure has some options for Java runtime configuration, namely:


For detailed information, use ./configure --help.

Currently supported JIT compiler architectures are:

  • alpha
  • arm
  • i386
  • m68k (broken)
  • mips
  • powerpc
  • powerpc64
  • s390
  • sparc64
  • x86_64

Information about working applications and some screenshots can be found on

CACAO 0.99.1 can be downloaded from

File : cacao-0.99.1.tar.gz
md5sum : 2337754d0c165af556e97395e9a5e5af
sha1sum: a9d8a5681834dfdcacccca7f681b6eb3356a47c9
File : cacao-0.99.1.tar.bz2
md5sum : a5641452c7ba173060c99ed700950b3d
sha1sum: ead9e0ee4bca315434d41d9784359bfe033be260


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