CACAO 0.99.2 released

This is a bug-fix release. Here is a short list of the most important changes:

  • Rewrite of atomic instructions code. This fixes problems with AWT/Swing programs with OpenJDK.
  • Fixed PR83, PR89.

CACAO uses GNU Classpath as default Java runtime library and supports upstream releases or CVS snapshots. This release requires GNU Classpath 0.96 or higher to build and was tested against GNU Classpath 0.97.2 on a number of various platforms.

CACAO's ./configure has some options for Java runtime configuration, namely:


For detailed information, use ./configure --help.

Currently supported JIT compiler architectures are:

  • alpha
  • arm
  • i386
  • m68k (broken)
  • mips
  • powerpc
  • powerpc64
  • s390
  • sparc64
  • x86_64

Information about working applications and some screenshots can be found on

CACAO 0.99.2 can be downloaded from

File : cacao-0.99.2.tar.gz
md5sum : a2865f47535f6dc3def268c0055ff20a
sha1sum: 2985f77415038d26a8e56bf0046ab8dae79a88da
File : cacao-0.99.2.tar.bz2
md5sum : 912e353a26c88ba5f5f59ebb9f688e2f
sha1sum: 9b1f25bff55c95d3c6ffef576a2d35a799c2d521


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