1. CACAO 1.6.1 released

    This is a snapshot release.

    • Support for OpenJDK 7.
    • ARM: Support for hard-float systems (PR172).
    • Fixed remaining icedtea6 check-langtools failures (PR166, PR167).
    • Reworked internal string representation.
    • Completed migration to C++ for almost all remaining files.
    • alpha: Regression tests work again.
    • Introduced a new logging framework in more idiomatic C++.
    • PR178 …


  2. CACAO has a new homepage

    Because of its maintainer-unfriendly and consequent static nature, the old homepage had to be retired. I'd like to try something new with the static site generator Pelican.

    The main advantage of this setup is that a feed can be provided now. I also hope to provide slightly more updates here …


  3. CACAO 1.6.0 released

    This is the first release in quite some time, so the following list of the most important changes is necessarily incomplete:

    • Large parts rewritten in C++.
    • No more cacaoh, simplifying cross-compilation.
    • --enable-handles switch for making native code ready for moving GC (currently broken).
    • park/unpark support.
    • Simplified signal handling — reduced …